1. Play with pals
    Play with pals
    Puppy Love knows how important is to have a friend to pal around with.
  2. Exercise in fresh air
    Exercise in fresh air
    Our personalized plans of care mean that your dog can run with the pack while you are at work.
  3. Relax with buddies
    Relax with buddies
    Not all dogs want to run, some just come to soak up the sun.
  4. Make a new best friend
    Make a new best friend
    Sometimes it is just important to have a best friend.
Complete Spa Services Available 
Enhanced grooming 
Want a bath, brush & blow out,
but don't want to do it yourself? Let our staff do everything from basic nail trims, anal gland expression, ear cleanings to nail caps and canine
safe nail polish. If you like to add some flair to your dog's coat, we also offer hair dye.
Pamper your pooch!
At Puppy Love  we pride ourselves on our ability to pamper your pooch. From Grooming upgrades to luxurious spa add ons, we will make your dog feel relaxed and refreshed when they leave our spa.  
At Puppy Love DSC & Spa, we offer
a large selection of individualized services from basic grooming needs to enhanced services for the most demanding dogs. Big or small, short coated or long, you can trust that your dog will have the best grooming experience with us at Puppy Love!
Dog Socialization & Daycare
At Puppy Love DSC & Spa, we know that every dog has a different temperment and energy level. We offer customized services, which include a run on the treadmill or a nice jog around the block. Some of us need a workout buddy to keep us at our best. 
 At Puppy Love we realize that your dog is an important part of  your  family, no less essential than any other family member.  That is why we strive to improve your dog's life by inviting him to be a part of our pack. When your dog is a part of our pack, the fun never ends. 

Dog Boarding
Puppy Love DSC & Spa strives to be a place your dog enjoys to stay, just as comfortably as he would in your home. We offer accommodations that include your choice of a basic kennel, a luxury cabin & an extended suite with access to an adjacent kennel. 
At Puppy Love we know that your dog might enjoy sitting on the couch watching television with you. That is why we have made comfortable accommodations for your dog to do the same at our facility. 

Puppy Love Boutique

Shop in our  store to purchase specialty canine shampoos & conditioners,  collars & leashes, brushes, accessories and whatever else
we may have  to make your pooch happy, clean and healthy.

Puppy Love now also carries Fromm, Zignature, and Weruva brand dog foods! Come in and browse our wonderful selection of treats, digestive safe chews, and supplements.